Summer Technology Analyst


Summer Technology Analyst at JP Morgan Chase in Columbus, OH (July 2016 – August 2016)


As an intern at JP Morgan Chase, I supported a mainframe production run team. My projects included rewriting an ad-hoc PHP application into a Java version that fit into their SDLC tools and allowed for easier deployment to production environments. Another project consisted of aiding another team in acquiring compute resources by understanding the firm’s environment, policies, and procedures needed to run an application in various environments (development, test/QA, production) as well as documenting the process to ease team members in the future. A third project involved analyzing and improving the performance of a PHP dashboard by using a profiler to examine the PHP code and SQL Server Management Studio to analyze queries being executed. A 7-8x performance improvement was found on pages optimized by rewriting queries and offloading certain processing to SQL Server instead of PHP.

Common Tasks

  • Analyze code to understand how it works, its strengths, and its shortcomings
  • Collaborating with team members in Columbus and Jersey City to design and implement the Java application
  • Assist interns in Columbus and Jersey City with general programming and technical help
  • Provide technical consultation and recommendation to coworkers on my team and other teams working in my line of business