Sales Associate


Sales Associate at Kmart in Greenville, OH (August 2011 – January 2014)


As a Sales Associate in the hard lines department of Kmart, I was responsible for product maintenance, store cleanliness, replenishing inventory, modifying and settings displays, customer assistance, and supporting employee inquiries from other departments.

Common Tasks

  • Answering customer inquiries in-store and over the phone
  • Helping load and pack large items into customers’ vehicles
  • Supporting checkout operations by retrieving merchandise and providing price information
  • Tidying shelves
  • Hanging and removing ad signs
  • Setting planograms
  • Modifying shelves and rearranging products
  • Stocking shelves with new inventory from shipments and surplus inventory maintained in the stockroom
  • Running registers
  • Reshelving “stray” or out-of-place products