Business Support Intern


Business Support Intern (Information Technology) at Cardinal Health in Dublin, OH (May 2015 – August 2015)


As an intern at Cardinal Health, I worked on a data analysis project for a legacy $1b dollar website. The project consisted of using recorded operational information the application collected and provide valuable business insights on how customers were interacting with the platform. The goal was to improve understanding of customer use using a data-driven technique. Results were used in the transition to the newer eCommerce platform and to help re-focus quality assurance testing on the most utilized features.

Common Tasks

  • Reverse engineering application using client-side code, technical diagrams, database tables, and server log files to understand data flow from front end to back end
  • Writing SQL (T-SQL) queries to extract data from dumps of operational databases
  • Clean and format operational data into a queryable data warehouse-type database for easier analytics
  • Analyze server log files using Python and SQL Server to understand usage not captured in operational data
  • Format and visualize data through Microsoft Excel with the Power Pivot addon