Email Server

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In the last few years, I’ve been running my own email server. The move was largely motivated by Google reducing the availability of free Google Apps for custom domains. As a result of their changes, I setup a postfix/dovecot/spamd stack on an Ubuntu Server running inside Hyper-V to handle email for my personal domains. Tuning […]

Home Network

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In my free time, I’ve also worked on setting up our home network (at my permanent residence). The network consists of pfSense as the router with an Engenius access point. The router (pfSense) includes intrusion prevention (snort), provides an IPv6 tunnel through Hurricane Electric, traffic shapes and load balances over a 20Mbps/2Mbps connection to ensure […]

VPS Web Server

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Since December 2013, I’ve managed a Digital Ocean VPS in my free time. The VPS (running this blog) runs Ubuntu Server for the operating system. For the web stack, it uses Varnish as an HTTP accelerator in front of Apache. PHP is compiled from source and ran through Apache with mod_fcgid. The VPS also has […]

PHP/SQL Server Application Performance Analysis

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As an employee at JP Morgan Chase, I spent some spare time analyzing and suggesting ways to improve the performance of a jQuery/PHP/SQL Server dashboard used by over 200+ employees to monitor the status of development, test/QA, and production systems. The dashboard was running on a single dual core server and receiving over 20k hits […]

Summer Technology Analyst

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Overview Summer Technology Analyst at JP Morgan Chase in Columbus, OH (July 2016 – August 2016) Description As an intern at JP Morgan Chase, I supported a mainframe production run team. My projects included rewriting an ad-hoc PHP application into a Java version that fit into their SDLC tools and allowed for easier deployment to […]