Business Support Intern

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Overview Business Support Intern (Information Technology) at Cardinal Health in Dublin, OH (May 2015 – August 2015) Description As an intern at Cardinal Health, I worked on a data analysis project for a legacy $1b dollar website. The project consisted of using recorded operational information the application collected and provide valuable business insights on how […]

Product Information System

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As an employee at Kmart, I recognized many shortcomings when using legacy systems to identify products in advertisements and on the Kmart website. In my free time, I created a web application that used Sears Holdings public APIs to retrieve internal product identification numbers (similar to UPCs) for online items–previously there was no method for […]

Garden Center Improvement

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As an employee at Kmart, I recognized the organization of the garden center including pricing on bulk items (soil, mulch, landscaping stones) in our parking lot didn’t adequately reflect prices and led to customer confusion. I resigned the area using larger, more visible signs that were also more resilient to outside weather conditions. In the […]

Sales Associate

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Overview Sales Associate at Kmart in Greenville, OH (August 2011 – January 2014) Description As a Sales Associate in the hard lines department of Kmart, I was responsible for product maintenance, store cleanliness, replenishing inventory, modifying and settings displays, customer assistance, and supporting employee inquiries from other departments. Common Tasks Answering customer inquiries in-store and […]

Installation and Maintenance Automation

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As an IT Apprentice at Greenville City Schools, repetitive maintenance was necessary. To ease the burden, I deployed some tools to aid in the maintenance process. I improved our software and update process by downloading deployable copies of installers for Java, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Reader and storing them on a centralized file server along […]

IT Apprentice

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Overview IT Apprentice at Greenville City Schools (May 2012 – August 2013) Description As an IT Apprentice, I looked alongside network and system administrators to prepare computers for the coming year and maintain computers during the academic year. Common tasks Renaming Windows computers and removing and adding to the domain Re-imaging computers Performing Windows Update […]

Hello world!

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