Nick Venenga

Projects and work

First Miami Student Credit Union

Computer upgrades
A project to upgrade older computers with new ones joined to the Miami domain


Web server
I run an Apache+PHP+MySQL stack with Varnish sitting in front. This server also acts as a smart-relay to send emails since it has a clean IP.
Network management
Our home network uses a repurposed computer running pfSense for router, firewall, and IPS. All networking equipment is on UPS. The router also provides bandwidth management in the form of traffic shaping to ensure VoIP and live application performance while reducing the impact cloud-based backups have. A Raspberry PI is hooked up to the power button on the server and router to allow hard-restarts in the case UIs become unresponsive.
Email server
After Google Apps changed their free program and Microsoft discontinued providing email for custom domains, I setup my own mail stack. I currently manage a Postfix+Dovecot+Spam Assassin email stack that runs inside Hyper-V.
Centralized backups
I use Crashplan (free version) to act as a central repository for backups from 12 different computers. This computer also maintains bi-yearly disk images for my computers.
Decentralized backups
Important files are duplicated and synced to my external hard drive connected to my laptop. Other important files are either in Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive depending on the type and size.